The wedded problem

As COVID-19 beats its wings all the more brutally across Bangladesh, individuals are confronting more troubles than any other time in recent memory.

Among those troubles is the thing that I am calling “the wedded problem”. This is a trouble which is as of now present in many families and is causing a great deal of stresses. This is fundamentally the concern felt by wedded individuals who live away from their folks.

As a result of the coronavirus, the alarm individuals have quit bringing in their low maintenance help (drivers, cleaners and cooks) and are doing everything without anyone else.

A ton of fortunate individuals have full-time help, however the individuals who don’t have full-time help, and particularly in the event that they are jumping on in years, are in genuine trouble.

They are cooking, clean, accomplish office work, enquire after companions, family members and the older about their prosperity and necessities, look for goods and sterilize those food supplies without anyone else.

“The wedded problem” is for those individuals whose guardians are in this pontoon, since they can’t leave their own family to deal with their folks.

Some fortunate individuals, similar to a portion of my cousins, have carried their folks to their home and are getting a charge out of some time with them.

A few people, similar to our neighbors, are in a surprisingly more dreadful circumstance. Their mom has tried positive for COVID-19 and is dealing with her granddaughter (her better half and her girl, my neighbor’s dad and sister separately, died a couple of days prior because of this sickness), and our neighbors are not having the option to help or bring them here as they have their very own youthful child.

I, myself, am confronting this problem. I am lucky enough to have an incredibly understanding and steady spouse and guardians in-law, who have no issues with me remaining with my folks for as far back as month.

Be that as it may, the trouble is still there through being isolated from them for so long. There are a few ladies I realize who have not had the option to see their folks for as far back as barely any months, and are not in a situation to support them, regardless of whether because of separation or different commitments.

Numerous men are additionally in this circumstance, for example, my neighbor as I have referenced above, and other people who live separated from their folks. Numerous children have discovered various methods of assisting their folks.

My sibling and sister-in-law, however they live independently, did every one of my folks’ shopping for food, disinfected all the things, conveyed them to my folks’ home and taken care of everything, except they couldn’t carry their children to see the grandparents.

The other piece of this problem is that couples are learning another part of “cooperation”. In our general public, it is commonly the ladies who are “assumed” to do all the family errands, yet fortunately this is changing in this coronavirus period.

Men who recently didn’t make the slightest effort to play out a family unit task are presently tying scarves on their faces, getting the brush and cleaning the house. An uncle of our own as of late said that it was a decent exercise to get down on all fours and mop the floors.

A few men, for example, my dad, are turning out to be master culinary experts and are testing new things in the kitchen, while a few men like my dad in-law can be spotted tying tissues on their countenances and a cap on their heads, getting the duster and tidying the furnishings. My dad in-law playfully whines to my dad that he is exhausted of hearing pointed references about my dad’s cooking aptitudes from my relative.

From cooking, cleaning the house, doing clothing, doing shopping for food and disinfecting those things to dealing with the children and accomplishing office telecommute, couples’ lives have kind of become like a tag-group challenge, where one individual says “I’ll do this so you can do that”.

This prevails with regards to making more prominent amicability and comprehension in a relationship, I accept. It would likewise potentially be an incredible wellspring of contentions, obviously, yet we should not get into that.

For those men who are as yet holding fast to those well established traditions of letting their ladies accomplish all the work while they unwind, I would demand you to wake up these days and not live previously.

In the event that you experience issues doing that, think about the family unit tasks as options of your typical daily schedule. For instance, cooking can be the option for getting a sauna or being out in the sun for quite a while; cleaning the floors can be the option for a little exercise at the rec center.

For the most part, consider it along these lines – by doing a portion of these errands, you can have an a lot more joyful and progressively loosened up accomplice/mother/sister, and so forth. Additionally, you can discover the solution to men’s deep rooted question of “what do you do the entire day while I am busy working?”

As the lockdown has been lifted, the wedded problem will get another angle – dealing with the traveling every which way of the individuals who need to go to work, and dealing with the children and the individuals who will remain at home, and dealing with the expanded danger of getting contaminated, particularly for the individuals who need to utilize open vehicle.

I realize a few people have mentioned leave (some have mentioned leave without pay) so as to maintain a strategic distance from this so they don’t put their friends and family in danger.

Life as we once realized it has changed and will keep on evolving. Amidst this, it is essential to clutch our darlings, continue living as typically as much conceivable, remaining safe, and, above all, continue attempting to discover a few beams of light in this period of murkiness

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