Indo-Bangla network: A gift for all

Bangladesh and India are dear companions. Both the nations share a typical fringe and are associated by rail, street and streams. Indo-Bangla availability is profiting both the countries. As a matter of fact, network has become such a gift between the two nations that receive most extreme monetary rewards.

Additionally, it has expanded individuals to-individuals availability bringing about a hotter relationship among them. Individuals of the two nations can without much of a stretch travel by street, railroad and waterway courses.

It has additionally supported exchange and trade between the two nations. By and by, products are being moved through Bangladesh by street, rail and stream courses utilizing Bangladesh vessels, trucks and railroad.

Products are shipped toward the North East area of India through Ashuganj stream port in Bangladesh and further through Akhaura-Agartala by street. Dhaka is additionally gaining acceptable income for the Indian products that are delivered through Bangladesh.

None could envision this during Pakistan period albeit six rail joins were operational with India through Bangladesh. Due to threatening mentality of Pakistan, the railroad joins were snapped after the 1965 Indo-Pak war.

After freedom of Bangladesh, the snapped rail courses are bit by bit being reestablished clearing path for simple transportation. Four of the rail joins have just been made operational, and work is in progress on the staying two.

Bangladesh at present imports 1160 Mega Watt of power through abutting states in India.

It has likewise been discovered that hydrocarbons will course through an India-Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline. There has been impressive growth of the inland water transport that connects the Indian North East states to Bangladesh.

The sum total of what these have been conceivable because of insightful administration of the two nations.

Network between the two nations legitimately and decidedly impacts the two India and Bangladesh. Improved availability emerging out of agreeable relations has introduced another time of thriving in the locale and is fortifying the relationship further

. India, Bangladesh relations have likewise opened new vistas through network.

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