Khagaracharira municipal councilor SM Masum Rana motorcycle burned tribal duskrtikarira

Khagrachari Office: Municipal councilor SM Masum Rana motorcycle duskrtikarira tribal fire. Khagrachari Sadar upazila of the district on Tuesday afternoon at 4 pm in the area took place in the field. Khagrachari fair domestication and technical schools and colleges bhartike clash over the hill hill English student council and student council in the collision occurred.
According to local representatives: English student council of the college, Sohel Rana, a leader of the PCP connection with the previous clash between activists of taste is a dispute over the speech.
Technical schools and colleges from around 4pm chased him. At one point, she managed to escape hayabisayati example, Khagrachari Hill district general secretary of the student council and the Municipal Councils English SM Masum Rana phenomenon For example, in order to solve the problem on the ground next to the motorcycle used motorcycle stores criminals entering the tribal fire.
Karekhabara biksubdara getting started hurling stones at the English student council activists clashed in the tie. At the time, a person’s tribal dubrttara torched a motorcycle. The situation became heated.
8 people were injured during the clashes between the army and police at the scene said yayapare pariristhi come under control. In the meantime, the fire department came and motorcycles motorcycle sampunna nebhaleo fire can burn.
English student council for the incident, the UPDF PCP English Pahari Chhatra Parishad and Chhatra Parishad karechee blamed each other after the incident, SM Masum Rana mithila the protest rally on the premises of the district town in protest against the attack on the rally.

That those responsible are held to rally tied 4-hour ultimatum. If the administration fails to get stuck in a continuous block and district headquarters announced the closure of all the tribes in the SSC exam pariksarthidera netakarmirasamabese spoke English student council, joint general secretary of the Central Committee of the hill English student council sahajala Islam Sajal, Khagrachari district committee general secretary SM Masum Rana , organizing secretary Mustafa Kamal, Assistant General secretary Rabiul Islam, joint general secretary Zahidul addressed.
After the collision, all members of the security forces patrolling to avoid any untoward incident became heated hayecheparisthiti can not be increased because the law enforcers took action.

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