The Awami League, BNP and 6 in 31 of those already proposed the name

Dhaka office: the Election Commission to form the divided front of the biggest challenges was the venomous politics of division pratipaksaguloke taken into confidence. The new Election Commission to form an important stage in the last presidential search committee has been formed. Much larger than their responsibility to overcome this stage is becoming very small. Congratulations to them for being successful in the difficult task.
The first reason is the bitter memories of past experiences. Earlier, the Chief Justice of the Appellate Division of the search committee, once served as the spine and as a result we got the power to submit to the Commission Rakib .. The trust was created because of the risk of confusion. The second reason is that some of the committee members with past political involvement and loyalty indicates the ruling party. That was the question at the beginning of the acceptance committee, we all know that.
The Committee on the question of self-confidence, initiative, or in response to citizen janamanera sansayatuku realize this if they are to applause. If that happens, without any understanding of the political parties, and the initiative nagarikakulera confidence, then they need to be aware that now a large part of the responsibility, but still left them.

Or to maintain the purity of the work is important to have confidence in the integrity of public jaruripradhana Election Commissioner and other Commissioners considered eligible for the position of politicians from political parties calling for the proposal to name a search committee took the risks.

In particular, the big parties did not support them, then at the beginning of the initiative to create the risk of different types of serious debate ditaekata hayechilaaoyami League, BNP and 6 in 31 of them, as mentioned already. So thank dabidaraanusandhana committee to assist the political parties outside the political parties, civil society, the Committee noted with some talk that took the initiative, too, was a courageous and important step.

That’s because our brave guilty of over-politicization of the civil society representation was debated at risk. Although it is 1 of the first people to invite five of the second phase began after the grain bound. In the end, it’s somewhat mitigate fraud cases hayechenatuna to withdraw an invitation to one of the Commission’s proposal for the name of the political parties, but did not bisistajanera. Some of the eligibility criteria and the expertise they recommended. They trimmer, courageous, skilled and qualified people to suggest names suggested. According to them, the Commission should be beyond debate, the spine should be straight. No spineless, dalanugata or nomination of beneficiaries did not speak. Who is the list of the political parties, we do not know officially. But the media has the name, they are a mixture of good and bad. Those teams ‘worthy’ claims, many of them do not have contact with any of politics.
In some cases, you can imagine that is nothing more than the so-called eligibility for political loyalty nayarastrapati notification of the committee, we said that the committee has been given the power to fix its working methods, taking advantage of the freedom to be able to work with transparency could benefit. So far, the committee has done an independent, transparent process, we have seen the name of the collection. They have to win the confidence of political parties and civil society.
Now, the committee submitted a list of names of people who choose 0. After further scrutiny of the list, they will take the next step to this end rayechebachaiprakriyara paryayatii concern all of us. Members take a short-researched, their skill-qualification evaluation criteria recommended or distinguished citizens to verify balances out the work should be transparent.
It’s just intelligence documents, or on the basis of administrative assessment of the risk of confusion from the right to yabee the trimmer, an independent and qualified persons on Inflation does not worry that the party is not labeled, it is responsible for ensuring the Committee. However, a group whose name has proposed a list of the names of the more than what extent the information should be made public. First, then, they will be easy to verify past. Secondly, the reactions of the political parties can be understood. As a result, reduce the risk of mistakes. Thirdly, the political parties and the committee will be able to retain janaastha. Political disputes surrounding the election and discomfort, to protect him from falling into the path of confrontation, the search committee to perform its duties in the hope that everyone will be successful.
That is our hope. Then it will be met.

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