Khadija come back from the jaws of death, nearly four months after the country had come a few days

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Sylhet Office: mentally to be reinforced in Savar CRP has been brought to the country for a week, he said Shahin.
He told reporters, ” her, physically and mentally still in progress, but it is not normal.
So, on the advice of doctors has been one of the country for a week. CRP will be back again. “Khadija did not speak with reporters.
Khadija Court case on February 6 next year to witness the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate has ordered the local hero Sifuzzaman.
Khadija to give evidence that day comes, do not question the country Shaheen said, “in consultation with his doctors consider the decision will be taken.”
October 3 at Sylhet MC College graduate examination was attacked out of Sylhet Government Women’s College graduate (pass course), a second-year student Khadija.
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, co-editor of the unit were seriously injured in the head with a sharp weapon, Badrul Alam, Khadija.
Early in the night, bringing the capital to Khadija was kept on life support. Three rounds of surgery.
To improve the condition of life support, was opened on October 13.
At the end of the CRP Square Hospital Khadija was taken on November 8, is now being treated.
Khadija attempted murder case of 37 witnesses, 33 witnesses have already been taken. Khadija evidence at the end of the case will start next.
Badrul Alam High Court on November 9 last year, charges against the leader of the trial was to begin.

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