To prevent pollution of the Buriganga river ETP Dying without a will not be allowed to stay in the forest minister phektari

Dhaka office: the Buriganga river pollution ETP can not be allowed to stay phektari Dying without a Deputy Minister of Environment and Forests Abdullah Al Islam Jacob said, “We want a pollution-free environment-friendly country.
He said, “The Proof is in the washing and dyeing factories, most of its factories are not ETP. 013 brick kilns control of substitutions brick here and followed the law to stop them with itabhatake naphale 4 has been broken. “In addition, those with several washing and dyeing factory sealed phektari directed to disconnect power denaparyayakrame Buriganga river pollution will be all.
“Proof at 1 pm on Wednesday afternoon to conduct mobile courts, he balenae talking to reporters about the Upazila Executive Officer Abul Bashar Mohammad Gourmet on Wednesday morning, Deputy Minister of Environment and Forests Abdullah Al Islam Jacob Keraniganj itself under the protection of the environment teghariya, Kadamtali aganagara area and conducted the mobile court.
She NBA M Bricks, Bricks Alimuddin Rafia, diamond and jepiena Bricks 4 Bricks brick close them with the instruction to break Raju denapare the cottage as a GI in its factory, dying mother’s blessings, Ahmed washing, washing Bismillah, Saima Global light dainsaha washing and washing with several factory sealed with orders to disconnect the power plant.

Later, the minister visited the canal subhadhya karenae At present, the DoE Director and Joint Secretary Mohammad Alamgir, executive magistrate and Assistant Commissioner (Land) Keraniganj tinni Circle Shelly Rahman, district forest officer of the Department of Environment Inspector Mosharraf Hossain and Mihir Lal Sarkar

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