Simple Formalin Test Solution with Minimum Cost

Consumers will currently be assured of food safety themselves simply by employing a litmus-like paper designed by Buet researchers to see the presence of formolin food things.

A drop of a drink on the paper will facilitate learn whether or not it’s safe. to grasp if any fruit, vegetable or alternative solid food item is adulterate with formol, atiny low quantity of water from laundry them will be used.

And this straightforward take a look at can price simply Tk one every strip.

Circles on the chemically-treated paper can flip purple to indicate that the liquid sample has formol in it. The deeper the color becomes, the additional formol is there within the food item.

The diagnostic paper will sight formol concentration as low as a couple of ppm to as high as one,000 ppm.

Formalin, tho’ naturally found in bound food things at a awfully low level, is illicitly accessorial from time to time to preserve food for extended, golf shot public health in danger.

The invention would facilitate edge the unchecked use of the unhealthful substance in food things.

Mohidus Samad Khan, the lead research worker and professor of the chemical engineering department of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, same he had the chance to figure on bio-active papers throughout his PhD at Monash University and post-doctoral analysis at McGill University once he worked with 2 high analysis teams.

As a part of his PhD and post-doc comes, Samad Khan developed diagnostic papers to sight blood teams, presence of enzymes, viruses, etc.
His blood grouping work, featured in MIT Technology Review, won several national and international awards and secured analysis funds.

“My team and that i have secured patents of our inventions within the USA, Australia, New island, China and Europe,” same Samad Khan World Health Organization teaches chemical engineering at Buet.

When he came back to People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 2013, formol in food was a burning issue that prompted him to regarding} doing one thing about it.

He began acting on this project future year with tiny grants from Buet’s Committee for Advanced Studies and analysis, and Buet Chemical Engineering Forum.

Samad Khan’s students, Md Nazibul Islam and Mehnaz Mursalat, additionally contributed to the analysis. they’re the co-inventors.

Eventually, the team succeeded. currently Samad Khan is in talks with a couple of firms and entrepreneurs showing interests in commercialising the merchandise.

“Developing a paper to sight formol was my skilled commitment. I needed to use my expertise and experience in developing a inexpensive and easy technique.”

The focus was additionally on coming up with one thing with higher accuracy which will be factory-made in People’s Republic of Bangladesh, for the folks of People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the lead research worker accessorial.

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