Snapmail Allows You to Send Self

Snapmail Allows You to Send Self-Destructing Gmail Messages-There are a whole lot of options available to ship cozy and self-destructing messages to others. But what in case you actually simply want to send them a message using Gmail? Snapmail is a Chrome extension that permits you to ship messages similar to you may in any other case to recipients so one can destruct in 60 seconds.

When the messages arrive they’re no longer exactly Gmail messages.

Once you’ve composed your wonderful-secret e mail (or simply written down the password to your Netflix account) you press a “Snapmail” button at the bottom of the compose window beside the Send button.


When you do, that email you just composed will be replaced with a message letting the recipient understand that they’ve received a Snapmail and that it’s going to self-destruct in 60 seconds after they get right of entry to it.


A URL inside the message will take them to a cozy website where they are able to examine what you wrote (which hopefully isn’t plenty, due to the fact they best have 60 seconds).


Afterwards, the recipient could have a record that they’ve received an e-mail from you, and even the subject line, however they won’t be able to access the real message again.


The extension can come in available for sending such things as passwords that you want a person a good way to use as soon as, but additionally need to ensure that a person else doesn’t get access to. It also can hold the content of your message safe, should your recipient’s email get compromised.

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