British IS fighters ‘have to be killed’, minister says

Owm Reporter: crime Desk, Apon Chowdhuri, “most effective manner” to deal with British IS combatants in Syria is “in nearly every case” to kill them, the minister for international improvement has said.

Rory Stewart stated converts to so-known as British IS fighters ‘have to be killed’, minister says lieved in an “extraordinarily hateful doctrine” and had moved far from any allegiance to Britain.

They can anticipate to be killed because of the “serious danger” they pose to the UK’s protection, he said.

The government stated his comments had been in step with the UK’s said position.

Mr Stewart made the remarks after Brett McGurk, a top US envoy for the coalition preventing IS, stated his undertaking turned into to make sure every foreign fighter in Syria dies there.

Asked approximately the feedback on Pienaar’s Politics , Mr Stewart, a former diplomat, said they were “very difficult ethical issues”.

He stated: “They are genuinely dedicated, as participants of the Islamic State, towards the introduction of a caliphate.

“They agree with in a really hateful doctrine which includes killing themselves, killing others and trying to use violence and brutality to create an eighth Century, or 7th Century, nation.

“So I’m afraid we ought to be serious about the reality these people are a critical threat to us, and lamentably, the best way of handling them will be, in nearly every case, to kill them.”



Mr Stewart’s comments assessment with the independent reviewer of terrorism law, who currently told that Britons who join IS via “naivety” have to be spared prosecution if they return home.

Max Hill QC stated UK government should rather observe reintegrating such human beings.

A government spokesman stated Mr Stewart’s comments had been constant with the position set out with the aid of Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon on 12 October.

Sir Michael stated British IS combatants in Syria and Iraq had made themselves “a valid goal” who ought to emerge as on “the incorrect give up of an RAF or USAF missile”.

His remarks came after it become said that British IS recruiter Sally-Anne Jones had been killed in a US drone strike in Syria in June .

The head of MI5 discovered this month that more than one hundred thirty Britons who travelled to Iraq and Syria to combat with the fear institution have died .

Mr Stewart also said British authorities had made it “very clean” that humans must no longer be volunteering with armed forces groups to combat towards IS.

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