Bank authorities neglect to go to parliamentary gathering on loaning rate cuts

Bank officials have neglected to turn up in a parliamentary panel meeting over measures to decrease fainancing costs on loaning to a solitary digit in spite of being called to go to the exchange.

Individuals from the parliamentary advisory group on open endeavors have disclosed their disappointment over the issue.

“The gathering began at 11am before closing at 1:45 pm. Gotten some information about their whereabouts toward the beginning of the gathering, those present had said that they were ‘headed’. At last, none of them appeared,” ASM Feroz, the advisory group’s director, told journalists after the gathering on Monday.

The overseeing chiefs of state-claimed banks, the director of bank administrators’ association ABB, and the executive of private bank enterpreneur’s body BAB, were welcome to the dialog.

“They are not finding a way to bring the financing cost on bank credits down to single digit in spite of promising to do as such.

“Dialogs have been continuous for some time now. Be that as it may, the board of trustees is worried about the issue,” said Feroz.

Feroz, the MP for Patuakhali-2, included: “They said that they’d probably diminish loan costs to a solitary digit if 50 percent of the administration’s assets are stored in private banks. In any case, it’s pitiful that they haven’t conveyed on their promise notwithstanding being given the office.”

The parliamentary board has approached the national bank to actualize measures to guarantee single-digit loan costs.

“We have revealed to Bangladesh Bank that the loan fees must come down to a solitary digit inside the following two months as per the leader’s directions. Bangladesh Bank has been coordinated to consent to isolate arrangements with banks to this end.”

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