YFSA distributed iftar among under privileged people

YFSA`s executive committee with the under privileged people(left)and YFSA are distributing iftar among them(right)

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon,JU correspondent

The Voluntary Social Organizations of Jahangirnagar university(JU),Youth for Social Aid (YFSA),distributed Iftar among the rickshaw driver, orphans,disabled and under-privileged people.

Distribution of Iftar was held on Monday at 12 PM at the university’s department of Arts and Humanities Faculty. YFSA has distributed the iftar content among 50 underprivileged people.

During this time, members of the organization including the teachers handed over the packet of iftar to each of them. The organization works for the welfare of human values ​​and humanity.

Hosne Ara Baby, associate professor of history department, was present in the function, organized by General Secretary Sikder Sanchita Tasnim.Prof.Baby said, “This little material will benefit some of the underprivileged people. They can eat some good food for a few days.If these students did not take such initiative, then it would not have been possible. And we might not have been able to participate here. Therefore, every able-bodied person should arrange their iftar for one day. “

Mashhura Shammi, associate professor of the department of environmental Science, said, “Their work is a great work.The material will smile on the faces of these people. Despite the closure of the university, they did not spend the holidays and have collected money from the teachers after fasting to smile on these people. “

The organization’s president Abu Nahiyan said to stand beside these people, “If you are self-reliant, then you should cooperate with your side in Ramadan for one day. Your small cooperation can work as a tool for social change. “

General Secretary of the central organization Ali Azam Polash, former president of JU brunch Ashik al-Anik, Shafiqul Islam, Faisal Mahmud Shanto, present committees vice-president Asaduzzaman, joint general secretary Abu Nayeem Tarun, organizing secretary Abu Torab Atif, joint financial secretary Mariyam Urmi also present in that function.

It is to be noted that, YFSA (youth for social aid) is one of the social organizations in Jahangirnagar University. The organization started their work on 12th April 2014.YFSA has been working in different ways to help the people of the society and their problems.

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