Threatened Species Day: Bandicoots need outdoor gardens to enhance survival hopes

Owm Reporter: Environment Desk, Ammar Hossain, common throughout Australia, southern brown bandicoots are now in small numbers in SA and need assist to live on.


Urban backyards are an critical habitat as a part of wider efforts to shield local animals, conservationists have said.

Ian Darbyshire from the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife stated Adelaide Hills citizens, for example, may want to do simple matters to assist keep the region’s southern brown bandicoot population, that is in decline.

“Plant a few native species — preserve your personal pets below manipulate, talk for your neighbours [and] see if they may do the equal,” he stated.

“[People can] create some corridors in the course of the Mount Lofty Ranges [Adelaide Hills] so the animals can pass round, mate, meet and unfold the gene pool round.”

Mr Darbyshire said nowadays, particular as Threatened Species Day, turned into a risk to remind human beings Australia had a completely negative past file on local mammal protection.

Since European agreement at the least 30 local species had emerge as extinct — nearly half of them inside the past 1/2 century, environmentalists stated.


Among southern brown bandicoots, nearly 50 consistent with cent fell sufferer to feral animals or puppy cats earlier than they could reach maturity.

Mr Darbyshire said there were a dramatic decline in bandicoot numbers.

“The bandicoot used to unfold all the manner down the east coast of Australia,” he said.

“It’s now truly underneath chance inside the Mount Lofty Ranges — there are simply isolated communities left and there’s a community also on Kangaroo Island.

“It’s pretty unhappy that we’ve were given to that factor … If we don’t help them and we don’t exchange some of our practices to help them live on, we won’t have them.”


Volunteers were working throughout 19 Adelaide Hills houses to create a natural world hall to assist support southern brown bandicoots.

Mr Darbyshire said local animals played an critical environmental function in the Hills.

“The bandicoot is vital as it spreads beneficial fungi around the undergrowth and forests of the Mount Lofty Ranges,” he stated.Dpsug

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