The smoking actress and a ‘sexist double preferred’

Owm Reporter:Amar Chand Gupta, from Mumbai, memories have end up speaking points on Pakistani social media channels – sparking questions on double requirements and the treatment of men and women online.

In a count of weeks, pictures and movies of a Pakistani actress, a Muslim preacher, and a younger woman have all shed light on what a few have referred to as hypocrisy in Pakistani lifestyle and conservative religious beliefs.

Towards the quit of September, photographs of famous Pakistani actress Mahira Khan have been published on a celebrity gossip web page. The photographs, purportedly from July of this year, confirmed Mahira Khan smoking out of doors in a backless dress with an Indian male co-megastar, Ranbir Kapoor.

Shortly after, the images started circulating on social media, with many taking aim at the actress.

“On social media things went out of manipulate. People have been lashing at Mahira Khan about her dress, her smoking, after which quite a few human beings have been indignant because she changed into with an Indian megastar,” says Tahir Imran, mgmzx Urdu’s social media editor.

Within hours, many at the internet had became on Khan, with a few accusing her of insulting Pakistan. But amidst the criticism, there has been a refrain of human beings speaking out in her defence.

One was the Indian actor, Ranbir Kapoor, who regarded along her within the viral .

In a declaration he wrote: “It could be very unfair the way she is being judged and spoken approximately. What is likewise unhappy is the inequality in judgement simply because she is a lady.”

Another voice who came out in defence of Mahira Khan is distinguished Pakistani journalist, Asma Shirazi.


Shortly after the pics of Mahira Khan began circulating, another story advanced – this time involving a well-known Muslim preacher.

Nouman Ali Khan is primarily based in Texas, and his online motion pictures and organization, Bayyinah, have tens of millions of fans in Pakistan and elsewhere. Known for his conservative viewpoints, Khan disapproves of ladies and men protecting fingers in public, has reservations towards movies with grownup issues, and encourages his fans to marry younger.

His reputation got here into question after a Facebook publish via Chicago-based totally Muslim chaplain Omer Mozzafar said Khan “confessed irrelevant interactions with diverse ladies,” lied about them, and threatened complaints to forestall them from exposing him.

According to Navaid Aziz , a fellow Islamic pupil, these allegations have nothing to do with rape or sexual assault but are “related to an abuse of strength and authority.” Within hours, snap shots commenced circulating on-line of a topless Nouman Ali Khan, at the side of allegations that he despatched the image to an unknown lady.

In a Facebook submit, Nouman Ali Khan mentioned that he is been divorced for two years, that the photos have been despatched to girls who he says he changed into thinking about for marriage, and that he’s “imperfect”. Through a lawyer, he declined to comment further to Trending.
Unlike the vitriol aimed at Mahira Khan, on-line a lot of Khan’s supporters leapt to his defence and, in a few cases, hounded those who publically criticised him.

Laila Alawa, a US-based totally media entrepreneur, spoke out approximately Khan’s moves, and she or he says turned into harassed online due to it – maximum considerably by means of Khan’s lady supporters.

“Individuals at the side of Khan started attacking me and finding my personal social media systems and simply going at it,” Alawa says. “Seeing that rabid reaction from his supporters changed into atypical and the truth that quite a few the parents attacking me in my view, the maximum vitriolic of them all had been women who believed in him.”

According to the Tahir Imran, the assessment in reactions toward Nouman Ali Khan and Mahira Khan no longer handiest points towards a sexist double popular, but additionally a professional one.

“If he have been a movie superstar or a TV actor, things would have been specific. But he is a preacher so there’s this notion that he is a pious guy, so a variety of humans were pronouncing those screenshots were Photoshopped.”

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