Formal conference on gas value climb proposition starts in BERC

Engaging an announcement of the state-possessed Petrobangla about its yearly loss of Tk 24,540 crore in LNG import, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) on Monday began its four-day formal review at TCB Auditorium in the city on gas duty climb recommendations.

Taking an interest in the conference procedure, Petrobangla Chairman Ruhul Amin said the hydrocarbon organization should confront this colossal shortfall in the record once it moves for the import of 1000 mmcfd LNG (condensed flammable gas) from April beside meet the nation’s gas deficiency.

“In this way, it’s basic to raise the gas cost to balance the misfortune,” the Petrobangla director told the formal proceeding making his intrigue to the vitality controller to raise gas tax to Tk 9.55 per cubic meter from the current levy of Tk 7.17.

Petrobangla in its proposition said the mother body has been obtaining every unit of gas from various upstream gas creation organizations at a normal rate of about Tk 6.50 while every unit of LNG will cost Tk 39.82.

At present, Petrobangla is bringing in nearly 500 mmcfd (million cubic feet for each day) against a lack of around 1000 mmcfd, while the present gas supply is 3100 mmcfd.

the conference, state-claimed Gas Transmission Company Limited (GTCL) put its proposition to raise the transmission levy of gas supply.

Partaking in the formal conference, all the shopper right gatherings and people restricted the Petrobangla’s proposition saying that how customers could pay an additional charge ahead of time before they get the imported gas.

Alluding to the BERC Act, Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB) counsel Prof Shamsul Alam said it is absolutely unlawful to hold such a formal review inside the equivalent monetary year of 2018-19 when the commission passed its request on October 16, 2018.

“You can’t hold such a formal conference by engaging any proposition on gas tax climb while you’ve effectively discarded a comparable proposition in just October last,” he told the guard dog body.

BERC Chairman Monwar Islam managed the formal conference while different individuals from the guard dog body were available on the event.

Famous vitality master Prof Nurul Islam said the levy obsession process for both the upstream and downstream organizations ought to be straightforward and the tax ought to be fixed through formal review under the BERC.

Prof Badrul Imam of Dhaka University said the administration should go to the formal proceeding each year on the off chance that it keeps on raising the import LNG according to the arrangement which sketched out 4000 mmcfd import in the years to come.

He said this is tragic that both the neighboring India and Myanmar granted contracts for seaward gas investigation after the settlement of sea limit debate while Bangladesh wretchedly neglected to do as such over the most recent 5 years.

Socialist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) pioneer Ruhin Hossain Prince said the radical gatherings will assemble a mass development against the gas value climb close by taking part in the meeting as the BERC has lost its validity over the nonpartisan job.

Boss Coordinator of Bangladesh Gano Sanghati Andolon Zonayed Saki additionally restricted the gas value climb proposition.

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