RAJUK finds ‘anomalies’ in atomic number 87 Tower design; house owners ‘neglected’ 2018 hearth safety notice

They oversubscribed the floors to totally different organisations. Tasvir Ul Islam, the director of Quasem Industries, heads a panel of homeowners that manages the building currently.
The atomic number 87 Tower builders submitted an inspiration for approval in 1996 so another in 2005 whereas beginning the development, consistent with the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha or RAJUK.
“There could be a drawing of up to the eighteenth floor. It matches the one in our files. however the 23-storey set up they showed has no similarities with the one we’ve got,” RAJUK Chairman Abdur Rahman told on Fri.
One of the four committees fashioned to analyze the fireplace incident has been asked to envision if the codification was adhered to properly in coming up with and constructing the workplace tower.
Rahman aforesaid the RAJUK can act against any official found committed irregularities, if any, in clearing the atomic number 87 Tower once obtaining the investigation report.
Debashish Bardhan, a fireplace service deputy director, told that the building lacked hearth safety arrangements.
“The tower has associate iron staircase however it absolutely was found fast on totally different floors. we tend to had hip the building authorities concerning the issues earlier,” he said.
“We had visited the building and created recommendations many times before, however they paid no heed,” the fireplace service deputy director aforesaid, spoken language that the building had additionally caught hearth over a decade past.
Ohidul Islam, associate assistant director at the fireplace service, aforesaid that they had offered to examine the building and build recommendations on implementing a fireplace safety set up however the atomic number 87 Tower authorities failed to respond.
“We served them with a notice in 2018. however they failed to respond. They failed to even answer our decision to attend a fireplace safety orientation programme we tend to organized at Baridhara last year,” he said.
Neither Faruque nor Tasvir took demand treat the allegations brought by the RAJUK and therefore the hearth service.
Kamal Hossain, associate aide to Faruque, told that that they had not received any notice from the fireplace service.
“It was served on the house owners of the building, not the land. we tend to don’t grasp something concerning it,” he said.
Patwary Jahir Ullah, associate consultant to Rupayan, aforesaid in 2008 the firm bimanual the building to the panel of homeowners that manages it.
He aforesaid Faruque secured the RAJUK’s clearance for associate 18-storey building in 1996.
He later signed a contract with Rupayan once he did not get funds for the development once increase to the primary floor.
“We submitted a brand new style for a 23-floor building and got it approved by the RAJUK,” Patwary aforesaid.
He aforesaid he wouldn’t show the papers as a result of it absolutely was the weekly vacation. “We are going to be ready to show them to you once our offices open (Saturday),” he said.

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