Barcelona coming back fighting tomorrow’s draw greatly fell behind again

Online desk : Neymar penalty marker film crosses the goal line and caught the moment is one of the phremekono media, Neymar responded to his Instagram social media.

A goal and a penalty the referee decided not to have great joke Barcelona’s Brazilian forward.
Real betisera -1 goals against Barcelona would have won! But in the end they had to leave the field with a 1-1 draw. Neymar has laid the blame on the shoulders of a referee.

Betisera a 75-minute period at the end of the backward Luis Suarez goal gives Barcelona a draw. But beyond all this has become one of the biggest issues for discussion in the second half of the match, the referee made a decision. Jordi Alba had crossed the goal line betisera head.

But the air force was out of danger betisera golalainera one player from the other side. Barcelona players claimed the goal. TV replays showed the ball had crossed the goal line. In the absence of adequate technology, could not help but referee. The referee ruled, it is not round.

Instagram Neymar gives a picture of the moment. I just wrote above a photo-lol! Barcelona again the moment he entered the penalty claims-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. It could have been a penalty! ”
The goal was just thrown into the box agamuhurte Neymar.

Neymar claimed a penalty, the referee ruled that the claims. Ekayatraya deprive themselves twice as Barcelona has discovered.

Barcelona coming back fighting tomorrow’s draw greatly fell behind again. Real four points ahead, but have played one match less. So rapid is the period of the referee’s decisions.
Even with the Madrid-based newspaper Marca commented on, the referee’s mistake was to defeat Barca

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