“The decision disappointed” England captain Morgan said

Dhaka office: the final over with the wicket of Joe Root was questioned. The decision will complain to the match referee before the match inlisaranagapure 5 runs in the second match of the series against India has lost a total of 0 England.

The England captain Eoin Morgan was disappointed with the match umpires.

England needed 8 runs in the last over. India came to an end over the ball bumaraha jasaprita. And because he is the first route leg-before appeal against the umpire’s Justice responds.

I feel that this was a turn-wicket match Morgan. England captain Morgan said: “The decision has disappointed us. 0 th over the course of the game has changed completely.

Tough wicket, where the timing is difficult to properly, there is a player who has lost 40 balls became a big hit. Kachiu decision was not in our favor as well.

Which we had to pay a high price. Still, however, say that we should win the game chilakriketera our review of the other two formats, but it does not ti20 on. However, the comment will be notified of a complaint to match referee Morgan said, “have the opportunity to inform the referee of the match in the third match of umpiring.

Why not keep any of the DRS on the ti20, realize that the DRS system of naara pajitibhai for England could be the result of the match. Bat and pad was filled with the root ball.

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