Book publishing 101 new books in Bengali Academy


Dhaka office: For the first time at the Suhrawardy Udyan entry and exit gate to create a spectacular new all-embracing hayechegranthamelara arcaoyera adequate number of measures have been entered and bahirapathe. The fair will be responsible for the overall safety of the Bangladesh Police, RAB, Ansar, BGB and intelligence agencies nirapattakarmibrnda.

Klojasarkita araisata security camera system was fair area. Full polythene book and will be smoke-free.

Fair premises in and around the fair premises and the TSC to Doel Square protestors, Fisheries Building, Engineering Institute of the protestors and the TSC Doel Saheed Minar from the terrace, from the terrace camnakharapula Doel, TSC will be light enough to ensure the safety of the FIG.

Dhulinasaka fair cleaned and regularly sprayed water, mobile toilets for every skin and destroy the overall system has been set up. Independence monument and the surrounding space is located in the historic Suhrawardy Udyan aesthetically book has been associated with the independence became a pillar of light illuminated bicchurane fair premises.
From February 5 to February 8 th day seminar will be held at 4 pm on the stage of the original book. Art, literature and culture-politics-contemporary context and will be held to discuss the life and works of eminent Bengali Manisha.

In addition, there will be a month-long cultural program every evening. Academy to mark the Bengali book fair depiction of children, attend lectures and music competition organized common sense.
Book publishing companies participating in the fair in 016 books from the publisher for the book in terms of the quality of ‘Chittaranjan Saha Memorial Award “and 016 books from the book fair, in terms of artistic expression in the book for the 3 companies Munir Chowdhury Memorial Award will be given.

In addition, 016 children’s books published in the book in terms of the quality of institutions for the 1 “Grandpa Rokanuzzaman Khan Memorial Award, and this year’s fair booth aesthetic layout of the organizations participating in the production of the best regarded companies’ Qayyum Chowdhury Memorial Award will be awarded.

On the last day of the fair, Syed Waliullahi 016 Literary Prize will be awarded. The Bengali Academy Book publishing 101 new baimelaya Suhrawardy Udyan new additions to this year’s new format, most stalls were brought from the east towards the west.

TSC and Doel main entrance to the complex will be placed on an LED monitor. From here the required information about the fair / directions can be found. Bengali Academy premises, “a new book exhibition” has been.

The new books published every day dinabhittika will be sorted. To facilitate the movement of physical disability and older people more than last year will increase the number of wheel-chair.

Suhrawardy Udyan part of the Bengali Academy of Tourism and the Tourism Corporation Corporation canteens 1 1 will be launched with two canteens. Natural disasters have been keeping stalagulote tin sheds. Suhrawardy Udyan enough into the soil of the land has been filled.

With bricks and sand in the area about 80 thousand square feet of temporary road / open fields have been constructed. The new additions to sisukarnare ‘service centers of breastfeeding. Suhrawardy Udyan muktamance system has been staging plays.
Book book fair schedule until February 1, 8 pm every day, except holidays, from 3 pm to 8 pm will remain open at night. Holidays from 11am to 8pm and on February 1 from 8 am to 8 pm at night until the fair.

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