Obaidul Quader to return home soon

Administering Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader, who had experienced detour medical procedure at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore, will return home in no time as his wellbeing condition is better at this point.

Educator of cardiology office Dr Harisul Haque of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) told correspondents subsequent to visiting Obaidul Quader in Singapore.

In the wake of returning home, Harisul Haque said there is a follow-up on his treatment on April 16. At that point choose will be taken when he will return home. Presently, he is all around ok for coming back to the nation.

“So as to decide the right measurement of the medication or portion of medications utilized in his treatment, it is important to remain in Singapore for quite a while, and that is the reason the pastor is presently living in Singapore”, he included.

BSMM Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Kanak Kanti Barua University sent Professor Dr Harisul Huque to Singapore to ask about the treatment of Obaidul Quader.

Harisul Haque went to Singapore on April 10 and returned home on April 14.

Obaidul Quader’s heart is working regularly. Hypertension and diabetes are leveled out at this point. He is strolling routinely (multiple times day by day), included the doctor.

Obaidul Quader, likewise the clergyman for street transport and scaffolds, experienced a detour medical procedure at a similar emergency clinic on March 20.

Prior on March 4, the pastor who had been experiencing treatment at BSMMU Hospital since early Sunday (Mar 3) was taken to Singapore by an air rescue vehicle according to guidance of World famous cardiologist Dr Devi Shetty.

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader was admitted to the Critical Coronary Unit (CCU) of BSMMU Hospital after he felt breathing issues and chest torment.

He was determined to have blockages coronary supply routes.

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