Dowry suicide than the maximum 14 years in jail and a fine provision provoked

Monday cabinet meeting “Dowry Prohibition Act 017, approved in principle the draft. After the meeting, Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam told reporters.

Dhaka Office: The “Dowry Prohibition Act 017, approved in principle the draft of the government.
He said, “198, 1983 and 1984 dowry law was to combine the new law. The definition of dowry laws are, dowry laws to prevent violence against women that it will continue to be defined there.

The groom or her parent or barapaksa kanepaksera demanding a dowry when they are read under the law. If someone demanded a dowry and bride, suicide, incites its maximum 14-year sentence and will be punished with a fine or both.

However, the fine will be determined by the court. ”
According to the law, the bride’s dowry when severe mutilation niryatanakarike 1 year imprisonment and a fine, or both penalties, the common complaint could be sentenced to three years and a fine or both penalties.
He also accused the law of one to five years in prison and a minimum fine of 50 thousand rupees to the court. If the allegations prove to be false, however, the complainant was sentenced to one year and a fine of 50 thousand rupees or both may bar.
The cabinet secretary said, “and the bride’s dowry death penalty case, the victim’s husband consideration of the responsibility to support the judgment of the court would be able to.”

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