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International  dex : A safe policy within 90 days after the re-start issuing visas to citizens of all countries. “Ekastrima vetting Measures” in an attempt to calm the anger of the global US president Donald Trump says “

US President Trump said: “ekastrima vetting Measures” eraaotaya Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen will not be allowed to enter the United States in the next 90 days.
Trump executive order Friday to limit the immigration of four months and a refugee can not enter the United States. Syrian refugees in case the ban will remain in effect until further orders.
After the move to sanctions under US President Triumph countries came to the United States several people stranded at the airport. The United States began a series of mass protests against them at the airport.
Trump said in a tweet on Sunday evening, “Clearly it is not the ban on Muslims, which media reports say is a lie.
This is not religion, it is also the subject of terrorism and to secure our country. There are more than 40 Muslim countries in the world, they have not been damaged due to the order.
“In the next 90 days, test and implement policies to ensure the safest if we’ll start issuing visas to all countries.”

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