“The problem of the Rohingya have been solved on the basis of the Annan Commission’s report Asaduzzaman habesbarastramantri

Dhaka office: Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal rohinga asabadiamara sbarastramantri Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said Bangladesh to solve the problem, we believe that the “problem of the Rohingya have been solved on the basis of the Annan Commission’s report habesbarastramantri Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal Annan, the Commission met with visiting Bangladesh members.

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The minister was speaking to reporters after the meeting at the Secretariat on mangalabara response to a question about the Rohingya in Bangladesh Home Minister Kofi Annan, the members of the commission agreed with the complaint.

There is no difference of opinion in this regard. The Commission has assured me that the problem will be solved soon sadasyaramantri “The commission members told me that 80 percent of Myanmar’s Rohingya women were raped.

The number of Rohingyas from Myanmar in Bangladesh could be 5 million. We are concerned about the Rohingya. Since 1974, nearly 5 million Rohingya in Bangladesh is in many ways.

Sometimes being tortured, sometimes they are willing to come to Bangladesh. They have become a burden for us. We want to go back. I hope they will go back to the basis of the Annan Commission’s report.

Kofi Annan after meeting members of the Commission ghasama Salam told reporters in response to a question, the reasons of violence against the Rohingya in Burma is a religious reason but not the only reason. The issue is crucial to the Rohingya citizenship. We have discussed these issues.

Rohingya who fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh to see the situation first hand and returned to Bangladesh Kofi Annan on January 8 last year, three members of the Commission.

They are Myanmar nationals and Lebanese nationals Win Lwin mra and I ghasama Salam. January 9 and 30, they visited the camps in Cox’s Bazar Ukhiya balukhali the Rohingya.

They heard about the torture of Rohingya in Myanmar. Tuesday morning, the State Guest House Padma Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali, Annan met with members of the Commission.

At the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies, said at a meeting with civil society.

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