Iqbal’s dream to be shuttered!

Md Shahadat Hossain:: Iqbal Hossain, a student of the department of Chemistry of Jahangirnagar University who enrolled under the academic session 2017-18 with a big dream of better settlement in life.

How was the irony of fate of Iqbal, who is now forcibly to leave study as his family survives with several crises due to his father’s illness! His father was suffering from cardiovascular diseases for several years and lost his work capabilities. He is now working in a private firm with a trifling remuneration for his livelihood and father’s treatment. He has to take the responsibilities for his family too.

Iqbal faces the difficulties one after another and his dreams went to be leaned. In the vacation of Ramadan last year, he went to house like all other friends for enjoying the vacation but the tough times begins there. Suddenly his grandfather died, and after two days of this grandfather’s death, his father experienced a cardiac arrest.

He has learned to understand life since then. He sought help from his relatives for the treatment of his father and he refused to borrow him. However, with a broken heart he took his father to the local hospital. After primary treatment his father was referred to Satkhira General Hospital.

When they were in Satkhira General Hospital, Iqbal’s relatives even did not visit once there. The relatives were trying to be aloof from them since they would have to borrow him.

Somehow he managed some money from his neighbour and he sold all the trees alongside the house what they possess.

Meanwhile, his father experienced a brain stroke again and he fall in great hardship. He borrowed some money again and treated his father like a living.

Iqbal Hossain said in a facebook status and then this hardship was unveiled this matter to all. Then he came to Dhaka to continue studies with about empty pocket and immediately he become penniless.

He said in his status :`I used to eat a packet of biscuits at 5 taka and lunch at just 5 PM, so that I did not eat at night. My day was going on like this.I was looking for a tution and went to door to door of my seniors,I went to the coaching centre telling them my situation,but no one listened to me.

I came to Keraniganj in Dhaka to save my family. My father, mother, two brothers, they all are dependent on me.It is big responsibility of myself to watch them.I have to pay a lot of money every month for medicines.I have to give it, I have to run myself.A family over me.”

“Believe me I want a life like you.I do not like this life.My age is not like running a family.Now I want to hang out, I want to chat with friends, but I can not.” Iqbal Hossain added.

 people in the society are  very  weird. When we look at these things on the Facebook page or anywhere, we  Run away   by pushing the remark that they will be shine in life. They have to build their life, there is no one to support them.

He is now earning money for the treatment of his father, he sought pray for his father.

Your pleasure is in tea cup and cigarette,but his joy blows in the face of his parents.He believe,he will turn around and will do something better. And yes, he run a family. He can proudly say that he is looking after his father as well as his family.

Many sons exist in our sorroundent who has a property equal to a mountain, but they aren`t bear this kind of feelings to their parents which Iqbal bears.Parents are the best Blessings for us, Because after the birth of a child, parents are able to see and hear them all to grow as well as for the better life of the children and to keep them healthy, beautiful and good.

Unfortunately, children are completely opposite to their parents co-operation. Parents who give up their happiness for their children, do not keep track of their parents as the child grows up. They do not care of smile at their parents face.

Even many parents can not stay with the child. Their place is in vulnerable rural elderly home. But parents have sacrificed all the happiness and dreams of their youth, with genuine affection, compassion and foster child.

In this way, many parents took leave from the world to the eternal life.Therefore,the child should pray to Almighty to fulfill their parents blessings.The pray of the child for their parents will be a strong appeal to God.

The dream of Iqbal and the smile of his parents survive on the crowed of thousand of inhuman People.

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