The name of the Search Committee

Dhaka dex: Election of the President of the Commission 7 to the search committee has been sent to the name given to the political parties. At four o’clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, the Council of Ministers from the six member names are given to the members of the search committee. The names of the committee members will meet today to scrutiny, he said.

At around four o’clock in the afternoon, Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretary Mohammad Shafiul Alam and Abdul Wadud Secretariat of the Supreme Court Judges from the lounge to the left.
Search Committee is scheduled to hold a meeting there in the afternoon.
A total of 31 political parties in the name of the search committee sent the letter. The Awami League, BNP and 7 has submitted the names of five teams.
A government official said, a total of 7 135 names of teams they have reached. Khomjenani similarities between the names.
It will kamitii search. The official said the group has proposed a series of the same name. That the scrutiny committee to decide.

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