The group, the Islamic State (IS) have been killed in Iraq in one of the most brutal executioner.

International dex:According to various reports, according to the New York Post.
Abu sayepha killed in the name of the Islamic State executioner. He was killed on Sunday in Iraq’s north-west.
A group of unidentified gunmen attacked suddenly sayephera targeted cars. They opened fire indiscriminately. The gunmen fled the scene after the attack. Sahacarasaha sayepha was killed in a shooting.
Hundreds of people beheaded by the sword in front of the camera sayepha notoriety. The IS was one of the executioner. His campaign used the ISIS beheading pic.

file photo


Hanger killed more than a hundred heads of State to take
Local media activist Abdullah al-mallahara commentary, sayephera body was found near the city of Mosul. He and his sahacarake are killed, could not find out what the IS.
Sayephera confirmed the killing of Iraqi journalist Mohammad iyabara information on the ISO nainabhehate Iraq was a terrible sayepha hanger. He was known for his large body and shapely arms.
He was a familiar face Islamic State propaganda video. Sayepha atrocities of the ISO image.

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