An open-air iftar makes ‘open-festivity’ at JU

Iftar party at JU central field//

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon: JU Correspondent

Incumbent and former students of Jahangirnagar University (JU) organised an open iftar party at the central playground with festivity and fanfare.

On Friday, over 600 of students from first batch last batches (48th) gathered at the central playground of the university. They broke their fast with a harmony with their seniors and juniors.

JU most senior 1st batch to the youngest 48th batch took part at the Iftar Mahfil which was organized by the former students.

Former student S.M. Shadat Hossain, Sadiq Hasan Monon, Azhar Mukul made the initiatives.

This get-together programme gave the opportunity to the most junior batch(48th batch) to get acquainted with their seniors.

Imran Ali,a second year student of chemistry department of JU said:”We all have different worlds. We all have independent thinking power. This is the main controller of this kind of progression in our thinking. Accepting this difference between us, we are one of our identities.The title of our identity is that we are the students of this university.And this kinds of programme help us to express our identity”

Another student of chemistry department Mehedi Hasan Rony said:” At Jahangirnagar University, the cultural capital of Bangladesh, every programme has become so vibrant and it becomes very vivid. However, this time the Iftari and Doa Mahfil have definitely taken it to another level.In one voice, in the afternoon, a Shabby jubilee fair was sitting in the Central Field. Before the iftar, all the welfare and good wishes were made for us.We wish, we can participate in  every year such a programme.”

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