US embassy officials in New Delhi has refused to give a visa

Dhaka office: in recent years, officials at the US embassy in New Delhi to take policy reasons did not give a visa to represent India at the World Championships two snow-shoe.
The Hindustan Times said in a report on Wednesday, February 5 saranaka Lake Village in New York at the World Championships in snow-shoe to represent India at the two.

They Tanvir Hussain, Abid Hussain, India Snow-Shoe Federation Manager.


Both Donald Trump and President ancaleramarkina Kashmir due to the recent decision to take an athlete and team manager, Visa USA has dutabasatanabhira and Abid said, citing the recent policy of the US embassy in New Delhi, officials refused to give a visa hayanitima manager Abid Hussain,

“It is a pity that the US embassy in a letter to the World Snow-Shu Federation, Public spanasarasipapatra, even after the visa did not show invitations rabidiuyera klaide mayor saranaka lake.

A woman came to the embassy official said later lamented, “because of the current policy, we can not give you a visa.” Saranaka Lake Mayor klaide rabidiu manager to support the team wrote on his Facebook page, “It can not be any reason. Not giving up! We’re trying our best. ”


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