He promises to reach 100 percent of the electricity in the village-Finance Minister of India


International dex:  E Ahmed, MP, late in the morning in Parliament starts with respect to the observance of the silence of the Muslim League leader and Union Minister for Budget prastabasabeka E Ahmed, MP, died Tuesday night of heart attacks.
201718 fiscal year’s budget deficit of 3 percent of GDP is to be informed. The fiscal deficit will be fixed in 1 percent to 9 percent. Defence allocation has been increased to two lakh 74 thousand crore rupees. This allocation was caught senakarmidera retired pension. Spending has increased twice as much as the currency project.
The new Metro Railway Act would be informed.
Rural, poor, infrastructure, employment minister stressed that the budget was presented. Settlement of work for young people, improving infrastructure, digital India, the fiscal deficit target of a major increase in the budget, said the minister.
Labor law as well as the allocation has been increased to restructure the agricultural sector. Agriculture credit target of Rs 10 lakh crore minister declared levels.

Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

The government will create a soil test center for the benefit of farmers. Crop insurance has been extended in scope. The next five years to double the income of the farmers has been taken, the loan amount would be sufficient for the budget said.
War against the people stood on the side of black money in the budget that way, he expressed gratitude to the Minister of Finance. As a result of the cancellation of the play to push the economy a short-term notes at the time was that the finance minister said. Other measures to prevent tax evasion note rule Arun Jaitley said.
Electricity in the village to reach 100 per cent of the 2018 budget, the finance minister had promised. At the time, he said, the toilet was noticeably increased.
This is due to the success of the project transparent. The allocation of housing projects increased from 3 thousand to Rs 15 thousand crore.
Rs 48 billion allocated for the project in 100 days. Source: The Times of India online.

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