Shah Rukh tulatei feet on the seat, everything hazard, criticism

News Desk: He icon. His head-words inspired countless young. The reality of being able to influence the character of the screen. Jutasaha He put his foot on the seat of the train. Many people were shocked to see the wonder of the King Khan feat. The criticism has been fierce.
Shah Rukh was riding on a train from Mumbai to Delhi on Monday. His ‘Rais’ photo pramosanei the initiative. However, there is some emotion involved in this relayatraya. Once aboard the train came to Delhi to Mumbai to pursue youth.
Bollywood dream to get established. The rest is history. He is now at the helm of Bollywood past two decades. Not just the film, he literally baliparara ‘Rais’.
He boarded the train to go home, “Badshah”. However, everything hazard. Under pressure from the chaos of the crowd. One fan was killed.
Shahrukh regret about it. But do not stop there. Net has been criticized in the world.
Khan came into the picture in front of the train, it turns out, jutasaha feet up on the seat of the King are Bindaas mode.
And so many questions, what the use of it. If the foot on the seat of a youth handed over the icon, you will learn what youth.
Despite the criticism of the fans mourned the death of King, however, did not answer.

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