Students walk on the manabasetu Noor Hossain then filed ceyaramyana


Chandpur office: students manabasetute Chandpur Haimchar the Upazila Parishad Chairman Nur Hossain Patwari common in this style of walking, and in the case has been filed against five.
Police officials have accused the Upazila Parishad Chairman and skulasanslista rayechenabudhabara parent of a student at the school at around 1 pm cruel treatment of children, Ali Ahmed filed the charges filed Haimchar.

Haimchar police officer (OC) Syed Rahman, said the investigating habetadera taken legal action against the accused on behalf of the accused Patwari risadera Chairman Nur Hossain, president of the managing committee Humayun Patwari, Mosharraf Hossain, headmaster of the school, the school’s managing committee member Mansur Ahmed and Abul Bashar.
Manabasetura walk over to the school to investigate the practices of local government has formed a committee to investigate. Additional Divisional Commissioner of Chittagong committee chief, Syed Sarwar Jahan. The committee on Thursday began Monday karabegata Haimchar nilakamala Osmania high annual sports awards ceremony, and it was.
According to the convention center, where some of the ninth and tenth grade students together to create a manabasetu. Walk on the manabasetura Noor Hossain Patwari ceremony.
He faced criticism spread the pictures on Facebook.

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