Embracing your earthy-self

A starry evening rich with exuberant possibilities of friendship, joy and laughter; the whiff of roses and lilies, and nutmeg and almonds make it all the more enchanting.

It is magical, isn’t it, even just the mere thought of it?

While Eid evokes all kinds of amazing things in our minds, it also brings with it a lot of work. Following a month of fasting, feasting, shopping, and cooking, all our tired bodies and minds want to do is to catch a break.

Commercialisation surrounding Eid gets out of control with every passing year, but the spirit of it is truly to spread joy among all classes to the best of one’s ability. And while trends are dime a dozen; every designer trying to grab attention with their “unique” garb, the true fashionista knows trends are for novices.

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