These delicious dishes could be lost from the list of Bengali daily, many useful results

Online news: Rose bananas do you like to eat? If the answer is yes, but it is a bad news for you. Phelunatatei well-being rather than habit. For more than 10 years at the most.

And the arts can not be found! Speaking at the University of California researchers. They conducted a study for a long time. Information that came from there.
Researchers at the University of California, words, yellow sigatoka, imusai Leaf Spot and Black sigatoka fungal disease gradually lose the ability to have three types of banana.
This condition is called sigatoka in science complex. As a result, on the one hand banana resistance is reduced.
As a result of the metabolism of these kalagache fungus is spreading gradually. Banana different enzymes in the body. Different cells are damaged banana.
Gradually decreases the ability of banana breeding. In 2001, after a time, and would not bear fruits banana sigatoka complex issue first came before. Various experiments to prevent it. First came the Black sigatokara signs. It is barely bring bug.
But then came the two infections. Nayabisbera totally eradicated in almost 120 countries to nearly 10 million tons of bananas are produced annually. On the one hand this fungus infection. The global warming. The future has become uncertain, following the two collar. Researchers think that the existence of the crisis in the next 5 to 10 years will be read kalake.
These delicious dishes could be lost from the list of Bengali daily, many useful results.
On the one hand, there was the banana fungus infection. The global warming.

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