Father and son sentenced to 14 years in prison

Sylhet office: Sylhet tea garden Tarapur local businessman accused of fraud in a memorandum of settlement with the Ministry of Land Ragib Ali and his son Abdul hike was sentenced to four years in prison under section 14 adalatae Additional Public Prosecutor Rahman told reporters after the verdict, the two accused in the case under section five were charged.
Section 466 of 6 years, under 6 years of 468, 471 and 420 under section 1 year has been sentenced to 1 year imprisonment.
Ragib Ali and his son were present in court during the verdict. After the issuance of the warrant division Ragib Ali and his son fled to India at the end of last year, but he was brought back to face trial.
Why is this the case
Tarapur tea garden in 1999 after allegations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Land Ragib Ali began investigating.
005 The Ministry of Land, Ministry of Land Memorial (letter) on charges of fraud and embezzlement of government one billion Kotwali police filed two cases.
Ragib Ali went to the High Court against her was settled earlier this year after a long time. The Appellate Division headed by Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha on January 19, Ragib reopen the case against Ali ordered.
The built Tarapur tea occupation were instructed to remove all structures within six months.
After the order of May 15, 323 acres of land in addition to the establishment of tea gardens sebayeta Pankaj Kumar Gupta explained that the district administration.
11 years after the case was filed in Sylhet Police Bureau of Investigation (pibiai) On July 10, two additional Super Sarwar Jahan filed the chargesheet in the court case.
Memorandum between the Ministry of Land (letter) Ragib Ali and his son were accused of fraud cases.
The fraud case Ragib Ali, Tarapur tea gardens sebayeta Pankaj Kumar Gupta, a resident of Rajnagar of Moulvibazar Ragib Dewan Mushtaq Ali’s relatives Majid, Abdul Hai Ragib Ali, son, and daughter-in-law, Abdul Qadir, was accused rujina Quadir.
According to the charge sheet, 422 percent built on 96 acres of tea gardens all Tarapur temporality.
The garden arranged in 1990 took possession of fake sebayeta Ragib Ali.
On August 10, the two cases Ragib Ali and his son Abdul haisaha local court issued an arrest warrant against six people. Zakiganj border the same day he and his family fled to India.
November 1 last year on his way back from India to Bangladesh Ragib zakiganj immigration police arrested Ali, son of Abdul hike.
The visa expired in hiding to come back to India, was arrested on November 4 Ragib Ali.
He was sent to jail the same day in the country. After the indictment, the trial began.
Accused of fraud and misappropriated Ragib Ali, Majid Mushtaq Abdul Hai, and are now in jail. Sebayeta Pankaj Kumar Gupta are on bail. And daughter-in-law, Abdul Qadir and Ragib rujina run.
In fact, this influential person:
Seventy-eight-year-old Ragib Ali, vice-chairman of the private Southeast Bank. According to the website of the bank, tea gardens, ranging from financial institutions, education and the media have spread the euphoria trade
According to the newspaper, Ragib Ali donate a portion of profits tea gardens in Sylhet datara renown. Playing a vital role in the establishment of private universities and medical colleges ‘education’ also picked up.
According to information published in the annual journal of the British Bangladeshis, Ragib Ali went to London in 1956 at the age of 18. The stock market, insurance, real estate and restaurant business, he became rich. And he came in the hands of business.
According to the website of Southeast Bank, Ragib Ali Sylhet Tea Company Limited, Karnafuly Tea Company Limited, the Company Limited, the owner of Rajnagar.
Union Syndicate Limited, Ragib Ali Securities Limited, is owned by its daily mail order division. Phinanasiyala English Daily Express is the name of the board.
Ragib-Rabeya Medical College Hospital in Sylhet, Leading University and the University of Asia Pacific, he was the founding chairman. At one time he was the Chairman of the Board tempo of North South University.
His, wife, and mother of many schools and colleges in different parts of the division has established Ragib Ali.
He is the founding president of the Chamber of Commerce in Moulvibazar.

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