Starting on Thursday, 017 of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations.

Dhaka dex: SSC exams begin today.The examination of the total 17 million 86 thousand 613 people. The test than last year increased by 1 million 35 thousand 90 people.
The SSC examinations under eight general education boards, 5 to 14 million 900 thousand.
Madrassa Board to submit two lakh 56 thousand 501 people, and examinees under the Technical Board SSC (Vocational) examination 1 lakh 4 thousand 212 people.
SSC will be held on the first day of the Bengali paper test.
According to the information given by the Ministry of Education, 10 lakh 93 thousand 953 under the Board two years ago, 18 students registered (registration) on a regular basis, but these students are only 16 lakh 7 thousand 124 people.
It registered 86 million 829 thousand regular students are not tested. The SSC take part in the election of the tenth grade (Test) exams to be.
Emasikiu parts of the question number 10, number 10, has been extended to reduce srjanasile. That is, if there are only 100 marks emasikiu parts of the creative parts of the number 30 and number 70.
Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid see only this morning at 10 am at the center of the capital’s Government Laboratory High School to go.
According to sources in the Ministry of Education, the minister at the time, only one or two officials involved with the center said.

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