Iraq has been death

International Desk. IS militants dead bodies lying in the streets. The dead body is von von flies. IS militants fleeing survivors left their dead comrades. Their goal is to leave Iraq and Syria is now quickly spreading to different countries .. British newspaper The Daily Mail.

Joint Iraqi-US forces in Iraq have been dead in the attack. According to the report published in the Daily Mail, the IS militants in Iraq have been freed from the clutches of mosula purbancalasekhanei IS militants killed in public bodies are lying.
No one came to bury them. ISO has been a victim of violence in the name of religion, the inhabitants awesome.
As a result, they hate the slain militants, some distance away from the river Tigris niyechenapurba mosulera found the body of one of the Islamic State militants.
Recently, many militants have been killed in the Iraq war with special forces. In this area, more militant body matched. Nibble a few chickens eating the corpse.
Members of the Iraqi army, said, “kukurarai nibble the ashes of the dead militants. We are happy to see it. “

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