Hollywood “product” I am not an actress Kangana baliuda

Entertainment  dex: His straight talk was always a discussion of the nature of Bollywood actress Kangana was less criticism.

Bollywood actress Kangana reckless always talked about the movie world Kangana.

Ranaut told in a recent interview, he himself never in Hollywood ‘product’ as a match to catch the slightest interest in nanadipika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra will be seen whether the kanganake Hollywood?
Asked if Bollywood actress Kangana said, “I’m not looking forward at all to work in Hollywood. It is important for industry to work in his own goal, I ask.
It meets the needs of any industry at any of the following acts do not think I am. “Kangana said,” try to work in Hollywood now that I think is folly for anyone. I’m not entirely negative, however, work in foreign films.
The pictures that will be the case in our country, which could mean the creation of more employment opportunities. No other food industry as part of a large food dish, I do not want to match.

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