JU employee tortured a woman,victim want a justice

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon,JU correspondent

A complain hails upon a employee of Jahangirnagar University(JU) for torturing a old woman focusing on a trival event.

Accused Md. Siddikur Rahman is working at JU as an electrician helper,grade-1,department of Drama and Dramatics and the victim is the mother of Md. Shafiqul Islam.He is also working at JU as a security gurd at register office.

Shafiqul Islam said,” On 13 June 2019,at about 5.00 PM,Siddik quarreled  with my mother while I was in my duty.Focusing on a trival event,he kicked my mother in her chest and she became senseless.Meanwhile his wife and daughter tortured my mother by kicking and paunching continuously .”

When he reached at home,he discovered his mother lying outside of home.He took his mother to JU medical and they refered savar upzilla health complex.

He was file a general dairy(GD) to nearest Asulia police station and he want a fair decision of JU administration getting justice of torture.

Point to be noted that,Siddikur Rahman used to giving praise at higher authority of JU through the teachers of Drama and Dramatics department to Clamp the facts.

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