Miraz is shown equally bat and ball


Dhaka office: juggle cricket bat and ball is shown equally impressive spin the magic world of a young off-spinner Ashwin Ashwin envisions taking tips. Over the past few months is the hottest name in Indian cricket all-rounder R Ashwin. He is already at the top of the top bowlers and all-rounders
He was not one of our young sensation after taking 19 wickets in two Tests against Mehdi Hasan mirajainlyandera the asbinai threw a tweet praising Mehdi Miraz.
Mehdi told media at the airport before leaving Dhaka to Hyderabad on Thursday, “Ashwin is world-class. At the end of the game I will be taking some tips from him. And how to play the game of bowling to be able to see it.
That experience will be useful for me. “On the other hand, Mehdi sacenata their power. Ashwin, India may have; But we have a Shakib Al Hasan.
He reminded that, “Our team has a lot of good and spinner. Shakib brother, brother, I’m taijula. India will be more consistent. They have many good players.
However, if we can say something like this could be the right place. “The Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad on February 9, the test will begin.
He has already saragarama kriketangana two countries. Everyone is looking forward to a great fight.

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