The President welcomed the Palestinian President at Bangladesh


Dhaka office : Of President of the Palestinian president hailed his country’s struggling Bangabhaban congratulated the people and the government. The three-day visit to the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday held a meeting with Abdul Hamid Bangladesh .
Remove obstacles to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, Bangladesh wants a quick solution to all the problems President Mahmoud Abbas said. Abdul hamidaphilistina and expressed satisfaction over the existing bilateral relationship, the President expressed the hope that, this relationship will be further expanded in the future.
The Palestinian president said his country welcomed the President at Bangladesh ban struggling to congratulate the people and government of Israel’s illegal occupation of Arab lands in Palestine and jananabanladesera state and condemn Jewish settlements janiyechenarastrapatira Press Secretary. Abedin said, the President said Bangladesh to remove all obstacles to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state will solve the problem quickly. In addition, those who recognized Palestine as an independent state prathamadikara proud as Bangladesh.
Bangladesh’s’ Unfinished Autobiography “published in Arabic thanked the government for the Palestinians. The President said Bangladesh will continue training Palestinian military officials. Abedin said, citing the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, on various issues before the country and the people of Bangladesh thanked the government for the support and co-operation.
President of the rights of the Palestinian people’s struggle to the death of the late Yasser Arafat recalled. Mahmoud Abbas expressed his country’s gratitude for the scholarships the students expressed the hope that the relations and cooperation with the Palestinians barabesandhyaya Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at Bangldaesh an rastrapatiabadula Hamid received him with flowers.
The meeting was attended by President credentials, Foreign Minister Abul Hassan Mahmood Ali, Foreign Secretary. Shahidul Haque, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyadh Maliki NA, SA Chief Justice Mahmoud alahabbasa. Gave a banquet in honor of the president of the Palestinian President.

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