Sharp ascent in passings by lightning strikes; 126 slaughtered in May-June

At any rate 126 individuals were slaughtered by lightning strikes the nation over in May and June this year, as indicated by information ordered by a non-government association.

‘Spare the Society and Thunderstorm Awareness Forum’ said it assembled the information from at any rate 10 neighborhood and national papers, some online entrances and TVs.

The exploited people incorporate 21 ladies, seven youngsters and 98 men, the association said in a media explanation on Saturday.

The vast majority of them were executed while angling or bringing dairy cattle back home from the field. A portion of the exploited people passed on while resting in houses made of layered tin-sheet, and remaining under trees.

Fifty-three individuals were likewise harmed in lightning strikes during this period.

Sixteen of the passings were accounted for in Kishoreganj, three in Habiganj, 10 in Rajshahi, nine in Chapainawabganj, six in Pabna, seven in Dinajpur, four in Nilphamari, four each in Jamalpur and Sherpur, six in Naogaon, five in Sirajganj, three in Moulvibazar, four in Khulna, 11 in Satkhira, and four were slaughtered in Tangail.

The association featured a few explanations behind the expansion in lightning strikes, for example, environmental change, diminishing number of tall trees, establishment of an enormous number of cell phone towers, and a worldwide temperature alteration.

It said a rising temperature will likewise prompt a higher number of lightning strikes.

What to do when lightning strikes

In opposition to prevalent thinking, lightning can strike a similar spot more than once. The normal exhortation is to remain inside and locate a protected and encased safe house when thunder thunders.

At the point when foreboding shadows accumulate, individuals ought to abstain from remaining in open space or housetops. Individuals are exhorted not to remain adjacent to windows.

In the event that there is no accessible sanctuary, at that point individuals should hunch low, with as meager of the body contacting the ground as could reasonably be expected. Lightning causes electric flows along the highest point of the ground that can be fatal more than 100 feet away, as per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC proposes avoiding solid floors or dividers as lightning can go through any metal wires or bars in solid dividers or ground surface.

One ought to recall that being inside does not ensure assurance from lightning. Indeed, around 33% of lightning strike wounds happen inside, the CDC said.

Likewise, recall that being in a vehicle isn’t as sheltered as being inside a structure yet it is a more secure than remaining in the open.

Lightning can go through electrical frameworks and radio and TV gathering frameworks and subsequently, keeping away from a wide range of electronic gear is prompted.

Lightning can go through pipes, as well, and it is hazardous to remain in lake or water bodies while jolt happens.

‘Spare the Society and Thunderstorm Awareness Forum’ additionally proposes to plant palm trees or other tall ones to decrease the setbacks and harm.

Also, on the off chance that anybody is struck by lightning, the individual ought to be dealt with like an electric stun unfortunate casualty.

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