Rickshaw pullers square streets requesting withdrawal of prohibition on employing rickshaws on city streets

Rickshaw pullers and pertinent laborers on Monday blocked streets requesting withdrawal of prohibition on utilizing rickshaws on three noteworthy streets in the capital.

They started organizing sit-in various spots in the capital, for example, Mugda, Maniknagar, Manda and numerous different zones since morning.

Affirming the news, Mugda police headquarters obligation official ASI Nazrul Islam said rickshaw pullers and their proprietors have organized sit-in from Mugda Biswa Road to Maniknagar Biswa Road.

Exertion is proceeding to clear the streets, he said.

Our journalist educated that individuals were heading off to their ideal goals by walking finding no vehicles as the streets of Khilgaon, Sabuzbagh,Mugda and Kamalaur were completely shut.

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