In the opening, the release of the first to respond with a great cast Shah Rukh khanara ghantatei B-Town ‘Rais’

Entertainment Desk: based film biography smugglers ‘Rais’ life in the shadow of Gujarat gangster Abdul Latif is based. While his family was studying the screenplay.
‘Rais’ in addition to the film starring Shah Rukh Khan, Sharif Uddin Siddiqui, mahira Khan. The film told the story of the decade, Gujarat, Rais has been named one of the traffickers. If you are not a major disturbance is expected to be released in the first week of July.
Siddiqui was also naoyajauddina it. The film was directed by Rahul dholakiya. Produced by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh sidhaoyani.
Abdul Latif nearly a dozen murder cases, were involved in the abduction and smugglers. He is a member of Dawood Ibrahim is believed to be a faction of the party. In 1995, after being arrested by the police while trying to flee from prison in 1997, he died of police bullets.
Image promotion campaign, the son of Abdul Latif, Mushtaq Ahmed has been accurately portrayed in the film was not his father.
In the opening, the release of the first to respond with a great cast Shah Rukh khanara ghantatei B-Town ‘Rais’. Shah Rukh Khan, Rais phelela why this record? Rais was released on January 5.
1. 6 opening in January. So far, the number of photos to be released on January 6, he earned the highest regard.
2januyari films released during the weekend ahead of both income Rais. Images that has the highest income weekend at one of the Rais.
3. When two or tatadhika picture released on the same day, its impact at the box office. The picture of the two of the highest income, there is also a list. Raisera the first name on the list.
4. In this case, most of the films that earn a week, there is still the Rais.
Rais win hora 5salamanera broken records. Jai Ho as the first day of release, earning more than Rais Khan. Rais was the first business in 2625 and Rs 2630 crore Jai Ho.
6gyanstaradera biography created with pictures of a week has so much income.
7. The first release of B-Town ghantatei threw great response trailer. Within hours after the release of just one exceeds half a million views on YouTube trailers.

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