More than a thousand trees cut at JU:Biodiversity threatened

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon,JU correspondent

More than thousand several types of fruit,wooden and orchards trees has started to cut under the construction of further development project at Jahangirnagar University(JU).
It is a great fear to the experts that such an unplanned construction project will destroy the biodiversity of the campus.Besides the environment will be threatened.
On 30th June 2019, as part of the 23 development projects of the University, the construction work of five halls which are 10 storied each was inaugurated. Three of them have been allocated for male students and two for female students. Three of the male students hall have been laid down for constructing north, south and east sides of Rabindranath Tagore Hall of the University.
Besides, the foundation stone for two constructions for the female students has been established at the universitys Tarzan point area. As a result, due to the construction of five halls, a total of 1,132 trees will be cut. It is found that 539 trees on the north of the Rabindranath Tagore Hall (Santiniketan) will be cut. Where there are 63 golapjam, 17 amalakis, 23 kamrangas, 12 calta trees which are almost extinct species of trees.
At the east side of the Rabindranath Tagore Hall, 358 trees will be cut to construct the place. Where there are several types of wood carts like mehogany and various species of forest trees.
Oliur Rahman San,a student of English Department said, “Development meant that many infrastructure has been built. Development is not possible by constructing buildings instead of the development of the nature. Our infrastructure is not planned, but for the lives of thousands of trees, it does not destroy the remains of small creatures. Can we develop human beings by building a building by ignoring grouping, mass culture, lack of quality research and abetting the power of the university?
Professor Jamal Uddin Ronu of the Department of Environmental Science, said that this unplanned work of the university was a far sighted fact. Because with the time the plan will be revised according to the requirement of the master plan. If any development plan is planned, its environment, ecology and ecosystem are preferred. During the planning, we can find out the problem by applying the environment asses. Then it will be constructed by mitigation and installation of the building. He said that the administration should stop the unplanned construction work and publish the master plan.
Professor Anu Muhammad of economics department said that due to the unplanned construction, many areas of the university were damaged and environmental damage was also done. We can not accept any damage.
He also said that the master plan of the university is involving of the teacher-student and long-term issues so the administration should make it public. Everyone has to sit in dialogue through participation. After reviewing and finalizing the master plan, the construction should be started. He believes that all the construction work should be stopped before finalizing the master plan.
In this regard, the acting director of the university’s planning and development office Eng. Nasir Uddin said,”the university did not publish the maternity plan, the poison is not true.”

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