Attacks on journalists protest demonstration demanding exemplary punishment

Dhaka office : Journalists protest police stations throughout the country, including journalists shahjadpur the persecution of journalists and free press has described as an attack on the journalist leaders. They are among the fastest time demanded the government to prosecute the perpetrators.
Shahjadpur attacks on journalists protest and demanding punishment SAARC Fountain at Karwan Bazar on Thursday demanded in a human chain in front of the journalists.
The protest was organized by the workers themselves in all kinds of media. He spoke in solidarity Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) President Saban Mahmud unit.
The incidents of violence against journalists in the shortest possible time to prosecute the police officers responsible for asking the home minister, DUJ President said, as long as the trial will not continue the movement. If you are not a fair trial in the country, he warned that protests will spread.
He expressed solidarity with the journalists and leaders of the demonstration, “an attack on the free press in the incident sahabagerao sahajadapurera. We learned that the report has been submitted. The investigation report biporta do not like the dark. “He demanded exemplary punishment of the attack.
Speakers at today’s demonstration, said that in the past, as in other incidents of violence against journalists investigating sahajadapure movement and the ‘Eye Wash’ is not.
If you do not bring those guilty to justice within a reasonable time under the severe movement throughout the country and warned that they would be.
Attacks on journalists protest demonstration demanding exemplary punishment

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