Protest against unplanned construction made at JU

Md Shahadat Hossain Sumon,JU correspondent

Teachers students union make a procession at Jahangirnagar University(JU) campus on the demand of planned construction under the further development project.

At Thursday ,18th July,about 12.30 PM,the procession started from the university`s Tarzan point to old register office.

Professor Anwarul Bhuiyan, professor of the Philosophy department said, “The biological diversity of the place should be maintained before any building is constructed.Besides the administration should give priority of the test and interest of the residents belonged the project.Such unplanned project will hamper the scope of proper environment of education.If they do not accept our proposal,why they call such dialogue?”

Rayhan Rayne, associate professor of the Philosophy department said, “The present administration has taught the engineers where the building will be made,where they fly in the face of bio-diversity. We’re opposing to building this unplanned building.”

Professor Shamima Sultana of Bangla Department said, “We want student friendly, environment friendly, bio-friendly development. We are not the hindrance to development, but we are opposing the plans for the construction of unplanned buildings in the name of development.”

Cultural Jote,President Ashiqur Rahman said, ” As far as the illegal students get out of the hall, the crisis of the seat will not be resolved though we made thousand of halls. He warned the present administration that if the implementation of this plan will create a strong movement.”

General Secretary of General Student Rights and Conservation Council Abu Sayeed, Socialist Student Front (Marxist) general secretary Sudipta de and representatives of various student organizations spoke on the occasion.

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