New territories go submerged

73,000 houses, crops on 36,000 hectares harmed: Over 900 towns crushed in Sirajganj: Situation in Sherpur, Gaibandha falls apart

The flood circumstance in Bogra, Sirajganj, Tangail, Manikganj, Faridpur and Munshiganj locale may crumble further as Jamuna and Padma streams may keep on ascending in the following 24 hours.

Then again, the flood circumstance in Netrokona, Sunamganj, Sylhet, Habiganj and Moulvibazar areas may keep on improving during a similar period, as per the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center (FFWC).

All the real waterways of the nation are in rising pattern with the exception of the Brahmaputra bowl and the streams of north-eastern district, it said.

Around 73,400 houses and 36,00 hectares of yields have been harmed by the floods in 21 locale, making colossal sufferings a huge number of individuals.

An In sherpur, the unexpected swelling of the Old Brahmaputra River has prompted the immersion of new Char regions, croplands and houses in the region, activating apprehensions of a staggering flood.

Water Development Board said the stream ascended by three feet inside 24 hours and was streaming just underneath the peril level at Sherpur Ferryghat Point at 6:00am on Thursday.

Sherpur’s alleviation office said 172 towns in 35 associations of five upazilas had been overflowed after overwhelming downpours in the nation and upstream areas neighboring Bangladesh, leaving in any event 63,000 individuals stranded.

Anowara Begum, the region’s fisheries official, said the flooding of lakes and fish nooks have caused an expected harm of Tk 5.18 crores.

Fifty-two instructive foundations have been compelled to suspend scholastic exercises after they had gone submerged.

The rising water is likewise causing frenzy among the general population. Local people said new regions were all of a sudden submerged after 8:00pm on Wednesday and the Sherpur-Jamalpur Highway Porar Dokan preoccupation had gone under knee profound water inside the night.

In Gaibandha, the ordinary life came to granulating end after the region town went submerged on Wednesday night, making untold sufferings a large number of its residents.â â â  The town was immersed in the wake of spouting water broke 20 of the city dike.

Roksana Begum, the acting Deputy Commissioner of the area, said the organization is attempting to fix the harmed parts.

At the juncture of the Jamuna and Brahmaputra waterways, the water was streaming almost six feet (191cm) over the threat level at Fulchhari point, said Mokhlesur Rahman, Executive Engineer of the Water Development Board. Individuals in the town were for the most part compelled to remain inside.

The locale’s rail correspondences with the northern parts stayed suspended for the second back to back yesterday.

In excess of 700 schools over the area have been closed down. Some of them are being utilized as havens however they need sustenance, drinking water and sanitation office.

In country regions, individuals are offering sanctuaries to their domesticated animals however the lack of feed is ending up being a cerebral pain for them. Numerous individuals have taken sanctuary on pontoons in Char territories. Region Mayor Syed Jahangir Kabir Milon said they are attempting to ensure the town and its inhabitants. The region is giving one dinner daily to individuals in critical need, he said.

In spite of the fact that the circumstance gives no indication of progress, WDB official Mokhlesur is idealistic that the floodwater will begin subsiding during the evening as there is no downpour now.

In Sirajganj, in excess of 900 towns in the low-lying zones of the region have been crushed by floods as the Jamuna River keeps on swelling because of heavy rains and the surge of water from the upstream. Flooding has effectively influenced a great many individuals from 21,552 families in those towns, the area’s alleviation and restoration authority said.

The waters have immersed and harmed homes, streets, instructive foundations, and harvest fields in these towns.

Inside most recent 24 hours, the Jamuna River has ascended by 23cm at the Sirajganj point and it has been streaming over 91cm over the threat level, said Shafiqul Islam, official architect of Bangladesh Water Development Board.

An A Flash floods have influenced the low-lying towns of Sirajganj because of the ascent of the water level, said locale help and restoration official Abdul Rahim. “At any rate 936 towns, including Kazipur, Sadar, Belkuchi, Enayetpur and Shahjadpur, have just been immersed, leaving a large number of inhabitants from 21,552 families stranded.”

The locale organization has allowed 494 tons of rice and Tk 800,000 to disseminate among the stricken families, he said.

In the mean time, the Bangladesh Meteorological Department said there is no way of substantial precipitation in the upstream conditions of Bangladesh in next 48 hours.

The Brahmaputra River may fall, while the Jamuna may keep ascending in next 24 hours. The Ganges-Padma streams may keep ascending in next 48 hours.

The Lakhya waterway at Lakhpur may cross peril level in next 24 hours and flood circumstance in Kurigram, Jamalpur and Gaibandha regions may stay stable.

In Brahmaputra bowl, Dharla in Kurigram and Ghagot at Gaibanda were streaming above threat level while Teesta, Jamuneswari, Karatoa all are streaming underneath the risk level at all point.

The Brahmaputra was above threat level at Noonkhwa and Chilmari and the Jamuna was streaming above peril level all focuses aside from Aricha. Atrai at Bagabari was streaming avove 27 cm above threat level while Dhaleswari was streaming 51 cm above peril level at Elasin point. In the Meghna bowl, Surma is streaming 86 cm above at kanaighat, 44 cm at Sylhet, 55 cm at Sunamganj. The Kushiyara was streaming 77 cm above threat level at Amalshid, 70 cm above at Sheola, 50 cm above Sherpur.

The Manu at Moulavibazar, Oldsurma at Derai, Someswari at Kalmakanda, Kngsha at Jariajanjail and Titas at B’Baria are streaming above peril level. Every single other waterway of the Meghn bowl checked much underneath the peril level.

Flood circumstance generously improved in the South Estern Hil Basia as Muhuri, Feni, halda, Karnaphuli, Sangiu and Matamuhuri are streaming much beneath the threat level.

In Mymensingh, the flood circumstance of Haluaghat and Dhobura upazila improved fundamentally during the most recent 12 hours as the stream Netie now is streaming beneath the threat marks.

Region Relief and Rehabilitation (DRRO) office sources said the rising water has been diminishing forcefully from the low lying zones.

A sum of 357 hectares of standing harvests were pulverized including 1,150 hectares of Aman seed beds, 200 hectares of standing Aus yields and 20 hectares of various vegetables.

In the interim, the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief has chosen to stay open on Friday and Saturday for the general coordination and supervision of the flood circumstance that has intensified in various regions in most recent few days, as indicated by a notice of the service.

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