1 setting up the control center 1 in the south-west are demanding goods transport strike

Sirajganj: demanding justice for the killing of journalist Abdul Hakim Simul Sirajganj half-day strike is being observed. Saturday morning strike in support of Shahjadpur position of the Awami League and Chhatra League activists picketed.
Rallies in support of the strike in the morning due to karenaharatalera rickshaws, vans, battery-operated auto-rickshaws and motorcycles can not be seen.
So far, the strike has been spontaneous and peaceful. So far, no untoward incident during the strike strike anywhere ghateniedike upazila all shops, businesses, factories, mills are closed.
Government offices, courts and insurance companies are open to the public, but attendance is low in the corners of the municipal area has come rayecheaparadike police.
Shahjadpur said that everything is normal police officer (OC) Rezaul Haque. Awami League leaders and activists on both sides of Shahjadpur in Sirajganj Monirampur the cover was shot during clashes contemporary representative Abdul Hakim Shimul has come.
On Friday at around 1pm Bogra Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College Hospital, he died on the way to the capital.
The protest has come Awami League, Jubo League, Chhatra League and journalist Shahjadpur Saturday half-day strike called Unity Council

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