Dhaka Medical College Hospital’s emergency department closed the gates of the trainee doctors protest


Dhaka office: Dhaka Medical College Hospital’s emergency department closed the gates of the patient’s relatives have held demonstrations and hand a fellow trainee doctors ‘wounded’ lt Saturday night, about an hour after the medical emergency department patients are unable to enter.
Intern Doctors at 9 pm at night to stop the protests began as a medical emergency gate of the Police Outpost Sub-Inspector Bachchu Mia.
BMA chairman Dr Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin and police officials visited the spot to go. Khwaja Abdul said the deputy director of the hospital, trying to normalize the situation tarabanladesa Medical esyasosiyesanera (BMA) President Mostafa Jalal Mohiuddin and police officers to the scene after the incident, they will be taken against those responsible if the night away from the gate at 10 am at the emergency department agitated.
Some trainee doctors said the children admitted to the surgery ward of the family of a patient in a phase of their shares at 8pm Buck hit a female colleague. It has cut off her hand.
The patient’s relatives and demanded the arrest of the attackers identified taradhaka Medical College Teachers’ Association general secretary debesa Chandra Talukder said, Esophageal which occurred when the child comes to the hospital on Friday.
After his surgery. Children’s ward patients are usually women. Most of the doctors are women who served.
When women go to their doctors began barkabitanda. Female doctor’s hand at the time they hit the glass, the glass goes from there. “” The child was there, after four or five male relatives of the child and his mother is still in the hospital, he said.
The child’s mother patient names and addresses of the attackers have been collected from the OC AB Siddique said, “We are trying to arrest them.”
The general secretary of the Dhaka Medical Intern Doctor asyasosiyesanera Ifat Sami said, to take action against the attackers have the assurance that they will temporarily suspend the program.
“If you do not quickly arrange a new program will be bigger.”

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