EC will not gain much effort to find an impartial judge Rouf


Dhaka office : If you want to keep the EC fingertips or ownership history of the hands of voters do not want to have anything to do with the Commission’s bisbasabicarapati Rauf said the CEC and the Election Commissioners vote for candidates of their choice; He’s right there. So just trying to find an impartial commission will not be much to gain.
Justice Rouf said, “A B C D the Election Commission to be, how he is as a person of a fair electoral process is the most important thing is how much has been neutral. Voters will benefit if the voting process is fair. “
Justice Rauf Electoral Commission as well as reform of the electoral rules and regulations as well as each person tried to start the registration process. Reducing the time to increase the voting room during the testing was done.
Citing his past experience, he said, the Commission’s overall assistance to political parties. You must have the support of the government administration. Otherwise, the process of voting will be worse.
Left unfinished before the CEC said, “I’ve never used in the EC. It was different for me. Then I went back to the court voluntarily. “
Justice Minister Rauf, said Justice Minister Rauf is now physically fine. At the age of 8, he has kept himself busy with various social organizations.

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