Simul nihaterapdhana halimula mayor accused the journalist arrested

Dhaka office: Of Awami League, died after being shot in the head during clashes between the two sides has come a representative of Staff. Abdul Hakim Simul mayor halimula Haq was killed in the incident were arrested. Halimula expelled from the party on Sunday night, police arrested Haq’s stop area.
DMP DC halimula Haq on Sunday night confirmed the arrest.
Meanwhile, Abdul Hakim, killing five people sent to prison.
Shahjadpur senior judicial magistrate court on Sunday Hasibul Haque passed the order.
The five members of the Awami League, was sent to jail in the city municipal KM chayaani neighborhood Nasir Uddin, Md barabila village. Arasada Ali, Nazmul Hossain, Alamgir Hossain and Shaktipur Zaheer Uddin of the village.
Two of them, the first accused in the case. Others were detained as suspects in the case were arrested.
Shahjadpur Thursday, was shot in the head during a clash between two groups of Awami League, journalist Hakim. The next day, he died on the way to Dhaka. On hearing the news in the evening, his grandmother died of heart attacks Rokeya Begum.
Hakim’s wife has filed nurunanahara She has come on Friday.
In addition, the Awami League, a party to a lawsuit by the collision. Four of the seven arrested accused in both the cases.

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